Select the Best Windows for Home

Installing new windows is a smart way to increase your home’s value and make it more comfortable. With the wide variety of styles and materials now available, choosing suitable house windows can get confusing. Make the process easy by learning about different window operation types, glazing options, frame materials and special features before deciding which ones to buy.

Consider How the Windows Operate

Windows are available in sliding, hinging, double-hung and fixed varieties based on how they open. Sliding windows horizontally glide back and forth, saving space yet prone to higher air leakage. Various hinging options like casement, awning or hopper windows swing open in different ways, letting in maximum fresh air when needed. Double-hung windows have two sashes that slide up and down vertically in the frame, making them easy to partially open for ventilation. Fixed windows do not open at all but provide uninterrupted views and lower costs.

Compare Glazing Types

Glazing refers to the transparent glass or plastic panes fitted into the window frames. Single, double and triple insulating glazing suits different climates. Single-pane glass is affordable but inefficient for insulation. Double-pane windows with a sealed air gap between two panes of glass drastically improve insulation and noise reduction. Triple glazing further enhances insulation for extremely cold regions. Alternatively, double-hung windows can have a single pane on top and a double-pane lower sash to balance visibility and insulation needs.

Evaluate Frame Materials

Window frames support the glazing and can significantly impact durability, longevity and maintenance needs. Wood frames insulate well and suit all architectural styles but require periodic refinishing to maintain their moisture resistance and appearance. Aluminum frames require minimal maintenance but heat and cool quickly, raising energy bills. Fiberglass composite frames closely mimic painted wood but without its drawbacks. Rigid vinyl frames almost never need repainting and have good thermal performance too.

Factor in Optional Window Features

Several value-adding options are worth considering when selecting replacement or new windows beyond just frames and glazing. Tinted or reflective window glasses help control glare and cooling costs in sunny climates. Integrated window blinds sandwiched between double glazing eliminate dusting needs. A low-emissivity invisible metallic coating on glass further improves insulation capability. For enhanced security, laminated glass, keyed window locks and pet-proof screens are available too.

Ensure Proper Installation

Premium quality windows fulfil their promise only with skilled installation for an airtight seal between the window frames and your home’s wall structure. This crucial step protects against drafts, moisture ingress and high energy bills, while ensuring windows operate smoothly for years. Reputable window brands often have authorized installers trained on best practices for foolproof integration with various home exteriors.

Invest time upfront researching types, glazing, frames, features and ideal installation methods for your replacement or new windows. Energy efficient, durable and low maintenance options tailored to your climate and home style keep maintenance costs low and maximize household comfort for years to come. Consult specialists like window installers before finalizing decisions for expert guidance suitable to your exact needs.

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