Quality American Sanitary Materials for Bathroom

Upgrading or remodeling your home’s bathroom? Make sure to invest in high-quality American-made sanitary materials. With technologically advanced products and premium designs, American brands offer durability, aesthetics and reliability.

Here are the best sanitary materials made in USA for your bathroom project:

Bathing Fixtures

For a luxurious bathing experience, look for American-made soaking tubs, whirlpool tubs, and walk-in shower enclosures using materials like enameled cast iron, acrylic and engineered solid surfaces. Top U.S. manufacturers include Kohler, American Standard, and Toto USA.

Kohler’s Enameled Cast Iron Bathing Fixtures come with a lifetime limited warranty. Their tubs and sinks maintain heat, have vibrant colors, and resist chips and scratches.

Showering Products

Quality assured shower doors, shower heads, controls, grab bars and shower panels from leading U.S. brands add comfort and functionality.

Delta Faucet Company makes shower systems and luxury shower heads featuring H2Okinetic Technology for full spray coverage. American Standard produces FloWise water-saving showerheads.


Invest in a high-efficiency toilet made in America for a powerful flush and water savings. Toilets use EPA WaterSense-certified flushing systems. Companies like Kohler, American Standard, and Gerber manufacture toilets designed to prevent clogs and leaks.

Gerber’s Viper toilet has a MaP score above 1000g for efficient flush performance. American Standard’s VorMax toilets flush bulk waste in one flush.


Get touch-free, hands-free faucets or single-handle, two-handle, and wall-mount faucets from leading U.S. faucet makers like Moen, Delta, Kohler, and American Standard for convenience and flow control.

Moen’s Motionsense faucets turn on with a hand gesture. Delta’s Touch2O faucets work with just a tap anywhere. Kohler’s ceramic disc valves allow smooth handle rotation.

Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

Bring elegance with American-made solid surface, porcelain, glass, stone resin, copper or stainless steel vanity tops and sinks from brands like Kohler, Native Trails, and Lacava.

Native Trails’ vanities have detailing like hand-hammered copper, reclaimed wood, and Talavera tile. Kohler offers undermount, self-rimming and wall-mount basin sinks.

Bathroom Lighting

Ensure quality illumination by installing bathroom lights, vanity lighting, recessed lighting, and decorative fixtures from U.S. manufacturers.

Brands like Tech Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting and Sea Gull Lighting craft stylish bath bars, flush mounts, and functional task lighting.


Complete your bathroom with coordinating high-quality accessories made in USA like mirrors, shelves, bath caddies, robes hooks, towel warmers and more.

The Bathware by Kohler range offers mirrors with adjustable magnification, storage cabinets, towel ladders, and freestanding shelves.

By choosing reliable American sanitary brands that offer durability, low maintenance, and technology advancements, you can create a comfortable, contemporary bathroom that adds value to your living space. Invest in quality U.S. made fixtures, lights, and accessories.

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