Outfitting Bathroom with Best Toilet Equipment

When designing your dream bathroom, invest in high-quality toilet and sanitary equipment from leading brands. Advanced features, innovative technology, and durable materials will enhance your everyday experience. Here are the top products to consider:

High-Efficiency Toilets

Install a powerful, water-saving toilet from top brands like Toto, Kohler, and American Standard. Toto’s Double Cyclone Flushing System prevents clogging while using only 1.28 gallons per flush. Kohler’s Class Five flushing technology provides robust siphoning for a highly effective single flush.

Bidet Toilet Seats

For optimal hygiene and comfort, add a bidet seat from Bio Bidet or Brondell with options like adjustable water pressure, temperature control, heated seats, air drying, deodorizers, and more. These provide a cleansing alternative to toilet paper.

Self-Cleaning Toilets

For convenience, brands like Kohler and Toto offer self-cleaning toilets featuring technologies like UV light, electrolyzed water, and ActiClean which prevent waste from sticking to surfaces after flushing. This simplifies maintenance.

Touchless Flush Toilets

Touchless flush toilets from Toto and Kohler allow hands-free operation using motion sensor technology. This enhances sanitation and is ideal for public restrooms. Many also automatically open and close the seat too.

Smart Toilets

Futuristic smart toilets by Kohler and Toto provide personalized settings through app connectivity. Users can control features like heated seats, bidet, air dryer, mood lighting, and music through their smartphone.

Tankless Toilets

Tankless toilets from brands like Niagara Conservation use up to 50% less water since water flows directly from the supply line. There is no tank to leak or require refilling. This streamlines installation and maintenance.

Macerating Toilets

Macerating toilets by Saniflo grind and pump waste to a small 3/4-inch pipe instead of requiring a larger drain pipe. Great for basements and spaces with plumbing challenges. The motor handles solid waste easily.

Grab Bars and Toilet Safety Rails

Install secure grab bars, rails, and toilet safety frames from trusted brands like Moen and Delta for accessibility and support. Various designs suit residential and commercial bathrooms.

By investing in advanced toilet and sanitary equipment from leading manufacturers, you can build a contemporary, comfortable bathroom that maximizes convenience, hygiene, and accessibility for all users. Choose features that cater to your needs.

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