Outdoor Oasis with Stylish Fireplaces

Enjoying the warmth of a flickering fire under the stars is a wonderful way to extend living spaces outdoors. Outdoor fireplaces not only provide much-needed heat for chilling evenings but also create a cozy ambiance your family and guests would love. With many designs now available, you can pick fireplaces tailored to your needs and your landscape. Consider these popular types of outdoor fireplaces to find your perfect match.

Brick Fire Pits

Simple yet elegant, masonry brick fire pits remain a timeless backyard design staple. Stacked bricks in geometric, square or circular shapes make building the fire pit frame a do-it-yourself project. You can buy readymade metal fire bowls to safely contain the fire or line brick pits with heatproof cement. Position Adirondack chairs around the fire pit for immediate comfort by the crackling blaze. For additional functionality, select a central smokestack design to circulate warmth better while directing smoke upwards.

Portable Fire Pits

Portable steel or copper fire pits with decorative cut-out patterns let you reposition the fire easily in your backyard. Many feature safety handles for lifting and have elevated designs to minimize scorching the ground underneath. You can even take some compact portable fire bowl models camping! For quick setup, portable fire pits run on clean-burning propane fuel tanks that tuck away underneath the unit out of sight. Most include weather-resistant covers to protect the fire pit in storage or harsh weather conditions.

Stone Fireplaces

Skillfully constructed outdoor stone fireplaces make an impressive landscape design feature. Often built into patios for a seamless transition between spaces, natural stone fireplaces featuring materials like granite, limestone or quartzite blend beautifully into garden landscapes. The masonry chimney directs smoke away while radiating comfortable warmth. Custom designs allow integrating stone benches, food prep counters and storage nooks too. Though expensive, a stone fireplace remains a sophisticated investment sure to impress.

In-ground Fire Features

Sunken or in-ground fire features create ambient light and comfortable heat without visual obstructions. Recessed fire pits, long fire troughs or modern floating flames fed by water and gas highlight these designs. Pour crushed gravel or stones around the sunken structure as a safety surface. Often controlled through automated systems, in-ground installations impress guests with their novelty and work well on spacious properties. Consider them in contemporary garden designs flanked by water features and Adirondack chairs facing the flames.


Bring a touch of the Mediterranean outdoors with a terracotta chimenea fireplace. Traditionally from Mexico, these striking vertical columns actively vent out smoke through the chimney as a central fire burns inside the belly of the structure. Decorative cutwork along the sides casts intriguing shadows at night. Chimeneas make perfect focal points on patios, courtyard entries, or poolside spaces. Buy single-walled models for faster heat circulation and oil the exterior regularly for waterproofing. Place a heatproof mat underneath for safety from stray sparks.

Outdoor living spaces fully realize their potential with fire features that encourage gathering around. Evaluate your needs, design style and budget preferences when deciding on brick, portable, stone, in-ground or chimenea fireplaces. Properly installed and maintained, outdoor fireplaces provide a cozy haven to enjoy for years as part of an expanded living space bound to become a backyard favorite.

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