Best Tiles to Enhance Drawing Room

The drawing room or living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. As the room where you welcome and entertain guests, the décor makes a strong impression. Hard flooring can beautifully complement your living room’s style while affordably increasing value. With many tile options now available, selecting the best types to install can be confusing. Keep these tips in mind when deciding on tiles that give your drawing room a fabulous facelift.

Consider the Drawing Room’s Purpose

Think about how your family uses the living room. Is it a formal space to impress guests or a casual family room? Frequently-used spaces may benefit from very durable porcelain or ceramic tile floors. For living rooms that get minimal foot traffic, less expensive vinyl tiles or decorative cement tiles add style. Room purpose also determines if glossy or matte tiles work best. Glossy finishes better suit formal spaces while matte floors are great for family rooms.

Match Tiles to Your Style

Tile shapes, patterns, textures and colors should align with your desired drawing room aesthetic. Subway tile, mosaic tile or encaustic cement tile add visual interest to modern or contemporary rooms. Classic marble tile lends an elegant touch in traditional spaces. Simulate parquet wood floors using porcelain or ceramic tiles with realistic wood-look designs. Large format tiles help small living rooms appear bigger. Contrasting tile border insets highlight transitional or arts and craft designs. Visit showrooms to view many tile types and get decorative ideas.

Review Tile Properties

Understand essential tile characteristics so your flooring withstands living room foot traffic and furniture movement. Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles better resist scratches, stains and fading than non-vitrified tiles. Check PEI ratings; Class 3-5 tiles suit living rooms. Larger tile sizes have fewer grout joints that may discolor. Moisture-resistant tiles work better than plain cement or clay tiles prone to dampness damage. Opt for rectified edges and anti-slip floor tiles for safety. Prefer tiles with stain guard coating for easy maintenance.

Assess Underfloor Heating Compatibility

One way to enhance comfort in your chilly drawing room is underfloor radiant heating. Water piping laid below the tile surface gently warms the flooring using hot water or electric heat cables. This leaves walls free for décor instead of bulky radiators. Verify tiles work with your planned floor heating system. Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles have excellent thermal conductivity to transmit warmth efficiently. Vinyl and cork tiles insulate more, retaining less heat. Use special adhesives and grouts formulated for heated floors too.

Budget for Tile Expenses

Set a realistic tile flooring budget for your living room’s floor space before selecting tiles. Tile prices range widely from basic cement or vinyl versions costing about $2 per sq ft installed to high-end stone tiles priced over $15 per sq ft. Measure your room’s area and multiply to estimate installation costs for shortlisted tile types. Factor in extra tile pieces for future repairs. Be aware that tile labour costs also vary across countries and regions. Plan accordingly to avoid cost overruns half-way through your tiling project.

Installing new tiles instantly gives your drawing room an updated, high-end feel with limitless design flexibility. Evaluate popular tile types based on traffic patterns, personal style, tile traits, heating systems and costs. Thoughtfully chosen, well-installed tiles keep your living room floors looking fabulous for decades.

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